FastNet99 4.3 Beta

Brings personal and business broadband connections to rural areas around the world

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    4.3 Beta

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    Windows 98 SE / Windows NT / Windows 98 / Windows XP / Windows 2000 / Windows ME

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    7.8 (75)

FastNet99 is a multifaceted network tool for diagnosing problems and improving browsing speeds. It works to improve browsing speeds every time you connect to site on the internet. This is accomplished using a personal DNS lookup system to circumvent the traditional DNS lookup period. This is only one facet of the program. The other side is the diagnostic side. FastNet99 can diagnose a variety of network problems using its many included tools, such as WhoIs, Ping, KeepAlive and Finger. All these tools help keep your browser running at optimal speeds all the time.

What Is A DNS?

A Domain Name Server(DNS) is a handy service provided by the ISP and is one of the basic building blocks of the Internet. The DNS is what connects the actual IP addresses of websites to their personal URLs. This allows people browsing the internet to type in the URL name instead of a complicated IP address. After the URL is entered, the browser must connect to the appropriate DNS server somewhere in the world and get the corresponding IP address. IP addresses are not all stored in a single server. Searching servers and finding the right website consumes valuable time that adds up after a day of browsing.

Utilizing A Local DNS Table.

FastNet99 works according to this same method, but on a much smaller, local basis. There is a Host file stored on every Windows computer. As you visit websites, FastNet99 stores these new IP addresses and DNS connections in the Windows Host file. Each time you visit a site, the browser will first check the Host file to see if the DNS is stored locally. If it is, you have successfully circumvented the traditional DNS lookup process. If the address is not already in the file, then the browser returns to the traditional method, but then stores the information through the FastNet99 software. This benefits a variety of online functions other than browsing, including e-mails, IRC, and FTP access.

Additional Uses Of The Table.

The new DNS table can be manipulated to make browsing even faster and safer. For example, you can manually insert DNS lookups and IP addresses to help save time from the start. You can also use the local Host file to manually input IP addresses that should be blocked. Blocked IP addresses are not accessible online. You will not waste a single dime on any sort of antivirus or parental controls to do this.


  • Dramatically increase browsing speed.
  • Continues to increase speed the more you browse.
  • Block unwanted IP addresses.


  • Manually inputting data can be complicated.
  • Some included functions aren‘t useful.

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